Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Walk

2nd Annual Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Walk

September 17 - October 11, 2021

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Thank you to our generous supporters, who helped us raise over $21,000!!!

Fall migration season is upon us, and soon the Centre will have a large influx of birds again. Unable to recover in time to resume their migration, many of these birds will need to spend the winter with us. The second annual Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Walk will raise life-saving funds to help carry us through these important months!

Many birds admitted for treatment are listed as species currently at risk in Ontario. This young Barn Swallow was discovered struggling to keep its head above water and would have surely drowned if it had not been rescued out of the water by two kind-hearted paddle boaters who carefully scooped it up and rushed it over to the Wild Bird Care Centre.

The Centre was its last hope for survival.

Can we count on your support to save more birds like this Barn Swallow?

Arriving in a weakened state, the tiny bird was experiencing lung issues from aspirating water. The Avian Care team had to work quickly to provide emergency care and stabilize the bird. After days of hand-feeding a specialized diet and resting in an incubator, the Swallow was moved to a new, larger enclosure where it could rebuild its muscles by flying freely and forage on live insects in preparation for life in the wild again. Just a couple of weeks after its arrival, it was successfully released near the location where it was found.

Like this threatened Barn Swallow, each bird’s life is precious. As bird numbers continue to decline, each bird saved is a victory for its species.

Providing a stress-free, healthy space for this Barn Swallow to practice its aerial insect-catching skills was paramount to its recovery. As we continue to grow and expand our operations, we can offer life-saving services to many more species at risk, but only with your help.

To cover the ongoing costs of medical care, specialized diets and shelter, we need your help to raise $40,000 by October 11, 2021.

To achieve our fundraising goal and raise awareness for our important mission to save birds' lives, we invite you to join our second annual Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Walk.

How to participate:

  • First, make your donation to receive your complimentary photo bird ID checklist.
  • Print your complimentary checklist and use it to identify birds you see. (psst…you can keep this list and use it any time of the year!)
  • Complete your bird walk in the location(s) of your choice.
  • Spread the word and challenge yourself and your friends to goals such as spotting certain species or counting the highest number of birds in an hour.
  • Share your photos and bird stories on social media using the hashtag #OVWILDBIRDWALK

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, and our eNews for bird watching tips and stories over the next few weeks… and of course, the release video of the rehabilitated Barn Swallow!

I'm in! It's for the birds!

BONUS: All donors are welcome to pick up a bird kit full of goodies from Wild Birds Unlimited while supplies last (Kanata location only, proof of donation required). Donors giving $500 or more are eligible to receive a complimentary 40th anniversary edition commemorative Wild Bird Care Centre calendar.

I want to personally thank everyone in advance for their generosity including our sponsors:

2 Locations:
420 Hazeldean Rd., Unit 11, Kanata1500 Bank St., Ottawa