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If you are like me, you are eager to get outdoors, tend to your garden, fill up your bird feeders, and listen to the sweet cheeps of baby birds!

For more than 40 years, the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre has welcomed thousands of baby birds each spring and summer and we are on track to break another record this year with a BABY BIRD BOOM!

At this very minute, hundreds of ill, injured, and orphaned baby birds are relying on your support to help them return to the wild and experience the gift of life.

Did you know that in 2020, the Centre received over 4,300 birds and more than half (2,500) were baby birds? And so far in 2021, we have received 25% more than this time last year!!

URGENT ACTION is required! With your help, the BABY BIRD BOOM campaign must raise at least $25,000 this season to meet this tremendous need!

Can we count on your support to help baby birds survive?   Yes, I want to save baby birds!  

While spring opens a window and gives us an intimate view into the everyday lives of wild birds, it also illuminates the urban challenges they face every day. As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, many of us are thanking nature, especially the birds, for bringing us joy and hope, helping us get through this past year. We are waking up to just how important birds are to our own survival and that our actions as a society can have devastating impacts. Like me, you feel an overwhelming responsibility to give back. With bird nesting season now in full swing, a helping hand like yours can make all the difference between life and death!

A baby bird of any age is best cared for by its parents, but there are times when they find themselves in need of human care.

The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre is here to help. Our Centre has remained open 7 days a week throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as an essential service and it is only because of your generosity that we are able to continue providing life-saving care. Thank you!

I have been so inspired by the excellent work of my team at the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre, that I wanted to do more for baby birds this year. After installing a few bird boxes around my property, I am delighted to welcome a family of nesting tree swallows to my backyard for the very first time!

What will you do to help baby birds this season?     I will give baby birds the gift of life!

So what does this BABY BIRD BOOM mean for the Centre? MORE birds, MORE shelter, MORE food, MORE medicine, …you get the picture, right? Without our dedicated volunteers’ help again this year, my team is working extra hard to look after baby birds that cannot yet look after themselves.

After 40 years, the means to effectively treat and care for baby birds has significantly evolved and grown. Much of our old, outdated equipment is no longer sufficient to meet the need. Baby birds require a climate-controlled environment, specialized diets, fluids, electrolytes, medications and more!

Did you know that each WEEK the Centre uses up to 20,000 live crickets and juicy mealworms to feed our babies and a single baby robin hatchling will eat over 1,000 while in our care?! With frequent feedings scheduled at 20 minute intervals, each baby bird receives up to 30 specially prepared, handfed meals each day!

When you DONATE TODAY, your life-saving gift will give baby birds the opportunity to survive and thrive. You will directly provide the vital care they need to be able to return to the wild and someday start families of their own.

Yes, I’ll help baby birds get the care they need to return to nature!

Will you support baby birds and wild bird conservation by saving one life today?

Yes, I will donate to help baby birds!

Please join me in stepping up to take action for our beloved baby birds. With many bird species in decline, every bird’s life is precious and worth saving. I can promise you that our small team is working tirelessly at this very moment, to provide lifesaving care at this crucial time to help all baby birds in need of care. A chance at life is what the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Centre can provide for thousands of birds each year but only with your help.

Thank you for answering my call for our BABY BIRD BOOM campaign today! Together, we can take action to ensure more baby birds live to see another day.

Now I am off to check on my tree swallow family hoping to hear some sweet baby cheeps!

Warm regards,

Sandra Sawers,
Executive Director