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We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and getting back to some state of normal after last Saturday’s devastating storm. With record breaking temperatures, a devastating Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak, and now an extreme weather event that has left our region in chaos, this spring has been a challenging one. Thankfully, our power has been restored at the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre and we are open to provide emergency care for wild birds.

As cleanup efforts continue this weekend, please keep an eye out and lend a helping hand to baby birds that have been displaced or injured by fallen trees and debris. We have already received more than 100 baby birds since the storm, and we are preparing for 100’s more in the weeks to come! June will be the busiest month at the Centre with over 1000 baby birds expected to arrive! This baby bird boom is just getting started and YOUR support at this critical time can make all the difference between LIFE or DEATH.

But there is also HOPE because of caring individuals like you! I have wonderful news to share with you today…we can already see and measure the huge impact of your generosity. Last year, we were overwhelmed with gratitude by the community's response to our BABY BIRD BOOM campaign. It exceeded all expectations, and enabled passionate supporters to become agents of change for our shared mission and vision! And here's how:

  • New spacious, climate-controlled, incubators have reduced overcrowding and dehydration
  • High-quality, species-specific nutrition and treatments have all greatly improved
  • The Centre moved to a larger, safer, and more sanitary interim facility
  • Staff training and skill development has informed new, highly effective, protocols and procedures

Drum roll please...

Since 2021, baby bird survival rates have soared to 86%... an increase of 21%!

Just imagine how many more birds we will be able to release back to the wild in the coming months! But we can’t stop here…there is still so much to do, and we must keep growing, learning, and improving so more birds can get a second chance to contribute to their species' survival. Together, we can continue to improve the standard of care for vulnerable birds in need.

URGENT ACTION is required! With your help, the baby bird LEND A HELPING HAND campaign must raise at least $35,000 this season to:

Provide lifesaving food & medicine

Each year, the Centre receives over 2,500 injured and orphaned baby birds that require specialized diets, medicine, and frequent 20-minute hand feedings –that’s 30 specially prepared meals per baby bird each day! In fact, our patients eat 25,000+ live crickets and nutritious worms every week!

Foster a safe & nurturing environment

With the recent outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), cleaning supplies, PPE, and other necessary precautions, have never been more important to keep the baby birds in our care safe and protected. A clean, organized, and enriched space, allows baby birds to grow and thrive.

Ensure specialized care is available

Species, like owls, require specialized accommodation and rearing techniques. Unable to transfer patients to our partner facilities this year (due to the threats of HPAI), we are rehabilitating species we wouldn’t normally keep in our care. Embracing new ideas and teachings, we are working in collaboration with other wildlife rehabilitation centres, to give these babies a second chance.

Can we count on your support to help baby birds survive?

When you DONATE TODAY, your life-saving gift will provide:
$100 Essential disinfecting and protective supplies
$200One baby bird with the gift of life
$350One week supply of crickets, worms, and speciality food
$500Critical medical care
$1000+Specialized accommodation & nurturing environment

This truly is an unprecedented year at the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre. We know we can't do it alone and that it will take a village – or in our case a “flock” – to ensure that baby birds can survive in these challenging times. THANK YOU for your GIFT TODAY… it may be the most important one you make all year!

Stay safe everyone. We will get through this. If the pandemic has taught us anything, its proven how resilient and compassionate we are and how we can step up in times of crises to face the many challenges life throws our way.

Take care,

Sandra Sawers,
Executive Director

STAY TUNED… Over the next four weeks, we invite you to share the rehab journey of a few special patients with us. Also, save the date and join us on June 25th at March Meadow Farms to CELEBRATE wild birds…   11 AM to 4 PM.

Banner Photo Disclaimer: Always wear gloves when handling wild birds and wash your hands and carrying equipment thoroughly afterwards.