The Wild Bird Care Centre Presents

Wild About Birds!

Do you have a group of people looking for a fun, unique, and educational experience? Do you want to learn more about wild bird rehabilitation or the natural history of the birds in your backyard?

Why not book a guided tour of our facility or have one of our educators come to you!

From September through April, we offer both tours of the centre and off-site presentations.

Tours and presentations are typically one hour in length and begin with the history of the Centre and then explore the situations that can result in a bird needing care. To suit the age and interests of your group, one or two further topics may be chosen from the list below for an in-depth and interactive presentation. All tours and presentations then continue with a discussion and the importance of respecting birds and their environments and end with tips on recognizing the signs that indicate a bird in distress and may require your help.

Topics offered for both tours and presentations:

Presentation Topics

What’s on the Menu
Look and learn about the different types of foods we feed our birds to keep them healthy and happy while at the Centre. Note: This is NOT a peanut free topic.

How to Eat and Not Be Eaten
Learn about some of the different adaptations top predator species use to catch their prey. Then learn about the many different ways prey species try to avoid being dinner!

Mating, Nesting and Raising Young
Learn about some of the different techniques birds use to attract a mate and how they build unique nests. Find out why eggs are marvels of nature and why raising young is a full time job.

All About Feathers
Have a close look at why feathers have allowed birds to become one of the most successful animal groups in the world.

Adaptations of Beaks and Feet
Have an up close look at several different types of beaks and feet while learning how these special adaptations allow birds to excel in their respective habitats.

How to Survive the Canadian Weather
Find out about the different strategies birds use to keep themselves cool in summer and warm in winter. Learn about how birds make it to the south and back safely.

Human Impacts on Birds; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Learn about the many dangers we humans introduce to our feathered friends and of what we can do to help them thrive.

On the Lighter Side
Enjoy a short movie filled with pictures and videos of our feathered guests from past years. Let us answer all of your questions and entertain you with stories of our most memorable, unique and engaging birds.


Adults - $5.00 per person, to a maximum of 25 people.
Children -$5.00 per person to a maximum of 20 children. One adult is admitted free for every five children.

$75.00 per hour for groups of 30 people or less.
$100.00 per hour for larger groups.

For further inquires or to book your tour, contact the Educational Coordinator at
(613) 828-2849 or

Getting Here

Our address and link to a map can be found below. Our parking lot is very small and will not accommodate a bus. If you are coming for a tour, please park in the NCC P8 Beaver Trail parking lot. The P8 lot is less than a 2 minute walk from the Centre.